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Falcon in the forest

New Forest Pony

Under the watchful eyes of the inevitable New Forest pony we recently in stalled a Vortex treatment plant for an isolated site. As you can see it was reasonable size therefore we had to excavate quite a deep hole of over two metres. We gently lowered the plant using webbing straps to avoid damage, and set it on the levelled concrete base so that the

Falcon Installation New Forest



inspection cover would be level with the ground. Sometimes this can be very tricky but this time it was easy as we had plenty of space around to use our machinery.

New Forest Falcon Septic Tank




The end product was unobtrusive and soon the area was covered with natural grass. In the forest you are not allowed to ‘import’ any soil or plants that are not natural in the area.

New Forest Falcon Installaiton




The plant has been surrounded with concrete to ensure it does not ‘lift’ when empty in a high water table area.

Falcon Septic Tank Installation




  • Has EN 12566-3 2005 Certification
  • Extremely Efficient – 98.9% pollutant reduction
  • Low Electricity consumption – aeration does not need to run continuously
  • The ‘vibro-screen’ keeps tampon, wipes etc out of the plant
  • One piece construction
  • No metal work inside or outside to corrode
  • Flexible invert levels
  • Quality linear motor compressor being very quite and can be repaired if required
  • Built in sampling chamber
  • Designed to fit in small areas
  • 10 year warranty
  • Accepted by Environmental Agency for discharge into watercourses and ditches.

Drainage ServicesPoole

Most drainage pipes are as old as the property and should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they are still working efficiently. In normal use you get a build up of fat and grease which obviously will reduce the bore of the drain line and create blockages. Over the years drain lines can easily be damaged, for example with tree roots creeping through the joins or maybe a little subsidence over time may crack a joint. A damaged pipe could harm the surrounding area, especially close to the building as seepage can cause building subsidence. As pipes get older, they become weaker and are more likely to break, sink or crack.  During the 60’s a lot of drain lines used pitched fibre pipe which unfortunately are now collapsing and becoming oval. If they are examined early enough they can be relined and strengthened thus avoiding total replacement. So don’t follow the adage ‘OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND’                 Have your drain lines checked.

Drainage Services Poole

Our Poole drainage services

Before we carry out any work, we always make sure that you understand our charges, so you don’t face any extra charges and there will never be any nasty surprises. We ensure that all of our customers are aware of what we are doing and what their money will provide. As all of our vans are prepared, we are ready for any drainage issues that you may experience. We guarantee all of our work and we will always leave the area clean and tidy, so our customers never have to worry. Our priority is our customers.

What we can do:


  • Drain pressure test
  • Drain Lining
  • Pipe locating
  • Moling/watermain replacement
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Pigging
  • Property Maintenance
  • Root cutting

For those in rural areas we specialise in the installation of sewage treatment plant

Poole Drainage Services

Locating a pipe

Many people experience problems with their drainage, and may not be able to locate the problem. The Water Board and the Council may not always keep records and plans for your pipes, which will mean that locating a damaged pipe can be difficult. Here at Keens we have systems that will locate the damage and we can find the depth, direction and location of the drain, to successfully plan any repairs that will need doing.


Moling is a great way of renewing an existing watermain pipes and connecting a new pipe to either another new or an existing pipe. It is more cost effective than installing new pipes and does not create as much disruption.


Is usually used to reduce the cost of excavation of the entire drain line and relaying new pipes, we have perfected a method called ‘Pigging’ which saves vast amount of money and keeps disruption to a minimum. It is very effective when long drain lines get blocked and a quick solution is required.

What we can do for you

Whether it’s a domestic, commercial or industrial environment, our experts at Keens are able to help. The services that we provide are suitable for all areas and the experience we have gained allows us to see the best solutions to any problems that you may experience. We guarantee our work and we will always be there to help you and your property. We can design systems and we are happy to carry out any Poole drainage services that you require.

Contact us

If you are in need of any drainage services Poole call us today on 01202 82 80 81 or fill out an Information request form below and we will be in touch.


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