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Biorock Installation.

Biorock Installation

At Keens Drainage Services we specialise in the installation of Biorock septic tanks.

We recently installed a Biorock septic tank and this post is to help give customers some idea of what it takes to install a septic tank.

To the right you can see an image of the Biorock Septic Tank during its installation.

The main issue with installing any septic tank is that sometimes it requires a lot of planning permission to be allowed to even carry out the installation.



Biorock Installation

The end result.

As you can see in the second image this is what you can expect to see once the septic tank has been installed.

With this particular job in hand we did have some difficulties digging up the ground due to the surface we were working with. We are finding that sometimes to even think about working on a piece of land we have to hire a meteorologist to survey it to make sure it is something we can install a septic tank into.


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