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Bournemouth Drains  – Christopher Crabbe Creeke

Christopher Creeke Bournemouth

The person responsible for the sewage system in Bournemouth was a surveyor called Christopher Crabbe Creeke. He came to Bournemouth in 1850 to work as a surveyor / architect for Mary Shelley who wanted to extend the then ‘Boscombe Cottage’ to contain a theatre to seat 200. (It is now Shelley Park after several name changes).

Having settled in Bournemouth he made his name in establishing the ownership in the complicated arrangements of the local estates. When in 1856 the government allowed the Bournemouth Commissioners to levy a local tax to improve the area he was appointed as surveyor and took up the challenge of ‘designing’Bournemouth. He created the basis of the current road structure ensuring there were open spaces for public enjoyment. The sewage and water supply for an every increasing population was his design, and basically still exists, and is in use today. A sign of the Victorian’s  standards of quality. In his capacity of Surveyor of Nuisances he arranged refuge collection service in the town.

Christopher Creeke Bournemouth

He died in 1886 and is buried in WimborneRoad Cemetery at Cemetery Junction. This he also designed together with the chapel. There is a bust, in his memory of his achievements for the town, standing in the Mayor’s Parlour. Also a statue, with Lewis Tregonwell, stands outside the BIC at the pier. It shows Tregonwell on one side with the first building in Bournemouth and Creeke on the other sitting on a toilet. Weatherspoons opened one of their pubs at the Lansdowne in Bournemouth called ‘Christopher Creeke’ in his memory. Residents of Bournemouth should be proud of his contribution to the creating the public services, that we expect and ignore, and the surroundings of the Bournemouth we know today.

Christopher Creeke BournemouthChristopher Creeke Bournemouth