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In our experience of many years of clearing blocked drain lines in the Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire areas tells us that the average persons general conception of drains is ‘Out of sight out of mind’. We never give much consideration to the items that we flush away until we have our drain blocked and bubbling up through the manhole.

Blocked drain Line

Most blockages are caused by sanitary products and wet wipes. Yes, we have all read the label that tells us that they are ‘flushable’ but that does not mean that they will break down in the sewer. They are not always biodegradable and will get caught up in any pipe line that is not 100% smooth. See ‘relining’. They should not be flushed down the toilet but put in the bin.


This particularly important if you are not on mains drainage as these items will not break down in the Septic Tank or Treatment Plant.

Another problem is grease and fat. We think that if we emulsify our cooking fat in hot water and a detergent is alright to pour it down the sink. This is probably O.K. for the grease left on our plates and dishes etc but not for the fats that we have left in the pans that we have used for cooking our food. This should be disposed of separately. If you think that hot water will flush away the fats you are wrong. The hot water will only retain its temperature for a few feet into the drain line before cooling down and allowing the fats to solidify. This will eventually build up and slow the flow all the way through the pipe. This also gives the sanitary products and wet wipes something to cling too.

Blocked drain

It is advisable to avoid problems to have your drain line cleaned by high pressure water jetting on a regular basis, say every five years. This will ensure there is no build up of grease and fats and coupled with a CCTV ‘look see’ camera it will inform you of any potential problems or damage in the drain line, such as ‘root ingress’ or ‘cracked pipe’ etc. Apartment blocks should have an annual maintenance contract for the above.




Blocked Drains Dorset.

blocked drains dorset

Keens Drainage can provide you with high quality technicians that will fix all of your Blocked Drains Dorset.



This method, in its most basic form, is essentially a high pressure hose which blasts out water at roughly up to 4000 PSI of pressure.This method works by inserting a jet head down a blocked drain, once this has been done our technicians will blast out high pressure water through this jet head which will essentially “punch” through any blockages that the drain will have in it. The main benefit of this system is that unlike drain rods the jet head can maneuver  its way around the drain so that it can tailor itself to individual drains.

Root Cutting.

A common blockage that we find in blocked drains Dorset is that they are often filled with roots from nearby trees and shrubbery which will have penetrated the cement pipes and have grown out to fill the entire pipe. We have equipment that will go into the blocked drain and cut out these invading roots and clear the drain to let it have full functionality once more.

What are Blocked Drains.

Blocked Drains Dorset are essentially what they seem to be, they are drains which over time get blocked due to generic rubbish. Our trained technicians have quite a few methods at their disposal when it comes down to unblocking them. The two main methods that we use are jetting and root cutting, both are used for different situations and are effective in their own ways.

If you are in need of a blocked drains Dorset to become unblocked then please make sure to contact us on 01202 828081 for a free no obligation quote. We promise to offer all of our customers 100% satisfaction and the most competitive prices on the market for the work done.


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