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Drain Jetting Service.

If you have a blocked toilet that isn’t working properly or your it just needs a full clean out then come to Keens UK for our drain jetting service.

Here at Keens UK we are fully trained and committed to making sure that every toilet in Britain in every single home is working to it’s best and not leaving bad odours that nobody wants to have in there home.

About Keens UK.Jetting service

We have been running now for a few years, and for those years we have been running we have been committed to giving only the best drainage service you could possibly ever need, we have been offering everything from septic tanks and street works all the way to drain jetting and clearing our blocked up drains, we offer everything you could possibly ever need at price that is just to good to resist. We have served thousands of customers and we have always ensured them that when you come to us, you’ll never go to anyone else for the same service again because each of our staff members are the finest in domestic drainage service.

Our Drain Jetting Service.

When you come to us for our drain Jetting service you will get a service that will blow your mind away. Our high pressure jets can clear out your drains with pressure going up to 4000 P.S.I.  It is the most effective way to clean out your drains, the jet heads are so powerful it will get rid of all the grim and lime without damaging the metal itself.  Another reason why a lot of our customers comes to us about our drain service is that unlike other companies where they have to keep repositioning there clean out device every time it is completed, our jet head drainage service is also designed to work through the twists and turns throughout the pipes and will completely clean it all out like it was brand new.

What else can we offer you?

As well as offering you the drainage jet service we have a lot of other services as well that a lot of our customers like to come to ask for. We are very well known for installing our Septic tanks for that better way of cleaning all the unwanted rubbish in your home, all the way to our root cutting service where we will help you get rid of tree parts that are stuck in your local area piping and can cause some serious damage to the cement. We have a wide range of services that you can be confident in as we ensure to you and all of our customers that you will never get a perfect service from any other company apart from us and you can be sure in that.

The dirt will always wash away but never our standards. Jetting service

Over the many years we have been working and serving you we have always said that we want not only to give you the best priced services but to give you the even better satisfaction that when you come to us that you can be sure that your are in the hands and care of real professional who have trained very hard and are qualified to the best possible grade you can get out there today. But we always like to know how well our staff and team did and what the service was like, and a lot of our customers who have given us feedback have come back to us positive and strong and it is a nice added bonus to be able to serve you as the best drainage service through out all of the UK.

Get in contact with us today.

If you are looking for a drainage service company who understand the importance and will get the job done to perfection for you then give us a call today at Keens UK on 01202 82 80 81.