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Falcon in the forest

New Forest Pony

Under the watchful eyes of the inevitable New Forest pony we recently in stalled a Vortex treatment plant for an isolated site. As you can see it was reasonable size therefore we had to excavate quite a deep hole of over two metres. We gently lowered the plant using webbing straps to avoid damage, and set it on the levelled concrete base so that the

Falcon Installation New Forest



inspection cover would be level with the ground. Sometimes this can be very tricky but this time it was easy as we had plenty of space around to use our machinery.

New Forest Falcon Septic Tank




The end product was unobtrusive and soon the area was covered with natural grass. In the forest you are not allowed to ‘import’ any soil or plants that are not natural in the area.

New Forest Falcon Installaiton




The plant has been surrounded with concrete to ensure it does not ‘lift’ when empty in a high water table area.

Falcon Septic Tank Installation




  • Has EN 12566-3 2005 Certification
  • Extremely Efficient – 98.9% pollutant reduction
  • Low Electricity consumption – aeration does not need to run continuously
  • The ‘vibro-screen’ keeps tampon, wipes etc out of the plant
  • One piece construction
  • No metal work inside or outside to corrode
  • Flexible invert levels
  • Quality linear motor compressor being very quite and can be repaired if required
  • Built in sampling chamber
  • Designed to fit in small areas
  • 10 year warranty
  • Accepted by Environmental Agency for discharge into watercourses and ditches.