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Moling and Watermains

When an underground water main bursts quite often it is best to make a full replacement as, like all things, age has taken its toll and the pipe has reached the end of its useful life. Impact moling can be the best way to avoid any disruption of the ground as it is usual for the watermain going to a property travels under gardens, paths and driveways. It is a very simple method, a hole is dug at the point that the pipe has to be connected and another at the other end. The impact mole, as seen below, is positioned in the first hole and with a hammer action, from compressed air, it is directed to the receiving hole. The new pipe is then drawn through.

Moling Bournemouth

Moling Bournemouth







The biggest problem is to ascertain if there are any other services in line with the moles travel, such as drains, gas pipes, electric cables etc. Great care must be taken to avoid damage.

Not only are watermains laid by this method, we can also lay pipes up to 100mm where appropriate. Watermains Bournemouth

Watermains Bournemouth