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Treatment Plant Maintenance

Once you have your Treatment Plant installed it will have a guarantee from the manufacturer. This will only be honoured if you do have the treatment plant servicing done in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

There are, however, some legal requirements that you should be aware of: it is not just having the tank emptied every year, or as required.

  • You must have Consent to Discharge or Exemption from the Environmental Agency. This requires you to keep a record log of the treatment plant maintenance available for inspection. These records have to be readily available and kept for 5 years.
  • The Building Regulations of 2002 states ‘that regular treatment plant maintenance and inspection should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the owner will be legally responsible to ensure that the system is serviced and does not cause pollution or be a health hazard’.
  • Legislation in 2010 said the there would be a maximum fine of £100,000.00 or three months imprisonment if pollution was created by lack of treatment plant maintenance  / servicing .

Now the solicitors are requiring any property with a septic tank or treatment plant to produce documentation of the treatment plant maintenance / servicing when they prepare the conveyance documents for any sale or purchase of property.

Treatment Plant

It does make sense to have the plant serviced to ensure all is working properly and the discharge is safe. It is a good idea to have this done at the same time as you have your tank emptied as it gives a fuller inspection of the tank. Please remember that the contractor does need access to the unit, so keep it clear of any obstructions such as flower beds, as they certainly will be damaged.

Servicing is charged from £110.00 plus v.a.t.  We can arrange for a tanker to be in attendance should it be require

Never let an unqualified person tamper with your treatment plant. Any work should be done by a British Water Accredited Engineer.