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If you are need of Treatment Plants Dorset then please make sure to check out Keens wide range of available products.

What are Treatment Plants Dorset.treatment plants dorset

Treatment plants or sewage treatment plants are specifically designed to make sure that any used water and waste from the sewage lines are run through a cleaning process to make sure that any harmful bacteria are removed to ensure that once it is released into the environment no damage will be done. The cleaning process involves the chemicals and particles.

The waste water arrives at one of these plants, through the sewage lines which are screened initially to check the contents. This sewage is screened to make sure that there are no unwanted materials in there such as diapers, cloth and plastic. If there are elements of those materials then they will be disposed of and the water sewage will then be pumped into a basin or a holding tank. These basins will tend to allow for small particles to settle in the bottom. The top of the sewage water will then be skimmed to make sure that no scum or particles float to the top.

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Keens has been running now for many years and we are proud of the service that we offer to our customers. The motto we have followed is simply to make sure that the customer is put above everything else. We like to know that we are offering theĀ  best service on the market when it comes down to sewage treatment plants in Dorset, this is why we have taken the mission upon ourselves to compare ourselves and benchmark our performance for certain areas against rivaling companies. This is to make sure that we are second to none for the services we provide, this then helps the customer to have a better overall value for money experience.

Our Experience.

When it comes down to contracting out work from us then you can be rest assured that over the years we have been constantly improving the methods that our technicians use to make sure that all of our services have improved dramatically over this time. If at any point you are unsure about what our technicians are doing or if you have a question in general then please make sure to ask either one of our staff or workmen on site and they will both be more than happy to answer it.

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If you are in need of treatment plants Dorset then make sure to give us a call on 01202 82 80 81. Do not worry as all of our quotes are free and there are absolutely no obligations what so ever.


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