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Rainwater Harvesting DorsetRainwater Harvesting Dorset.

For the best Rainwater Harvesting Dorset make sure to call Keens.

About us.

Keens Drainage is an established company that has been around for many years, over these years our company has managed to gain the correct amount of experience and knowledge with regards to rainwater harvesting in Dorset. Our team of drainage technicians are more than happy to help out our customers with anything they need. We are happy to help with any questions that you may have about rainwater harvesting Dorset.

What we can offer to you.

At keens drainage we can offer our customers the full range of rainwater harvesters, we like to know that we can offer the most comprehensive service on the market, the reason for this is that we like it when customers come to us when they need anything to do with rainwater harvesters. We always want to make sure that the middle man is cut out as this helps both us and our customer, this has helped us improve the communication between our technicians and customers greatly over the years.

Why you should have a rainwater harvester.

On average households can expect to save up to 50% by installing a rainwater harvesting Dorset.

  • The system that we can offer our customer comes in a variety of different forms, this includes direct feed to house, high water table system and a developer pack system. This variation of products allows for this type of system to be implemented in to a lot of systems.
  • This solution is also a very green one, for people who are concerned for the welfare for the environment. This helps to make sure that the water cycle is not put on to as much strain as it usually is.

Our guarantee to you.

We like to know that all of our customers have complete peace of mind when it comes down to a rainwater harvester. We work on a no hidden extras promise to all of our customers and what we quote to you in the first instance is what you will pay and nothing else. We always offer a free no obligation quote no matter what the work needed to be completed is.

Contact us.

If you are in the market for a rain water harvester then please make sure to give keens drainage a call as we will give you all of the information that you are in need of about rainwater harvesters and we can give you a free no obligation quote.

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