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Septic Tank Dorset.

Septic Tank Dorset

If you are in the market for a septic tank Dorset then contact Keens.

What is a Septic Tank.

A septic tank is one of the most important parts of a septic system. A typical septic tank is generally 4000 – 7500 litres in size. It is connected to a sewage water pipe at one of its ends and to a septic drain field on the other. A T pipe is often used to make these connections which then allows for any liquid to have full entry and exit without causing a disturbance to any of the crust on the surface. The design of a septic tank in today’s world usually comes with two chambers which are then separated through the use of a wall and this has openings which are located roughly in the middle between the floor and the top of the tank.

Any remaining impurities will be trapped and then the soil will eliminate them, any excess water is taken care of filtering in through the soil. This water will eventually return groundwater.

What Keens can do for you.

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of different septic tank manufacturers and products, this has allowed us to obtain a wide horizon on the subject of a septic tank Dorset and we use this knowledge gained to make sure that it is put to best use when dealing with customers.

As a customer of ours you will be highly valued and respected and we will make sure that you get 100% customer satisfaction and peace of mind when it comes down to any service or product that you purchase off us.

Quality is Key.

As a business you always have to make sure that you are competing against rivaling companies and are also managing to offer your customers the best value for money service in your market.

We value our customers so much that we undertake it upon ourselves to benchmark our staff and workmen against other companies to make sure that we are offering the best value for money service on the market for the services that we offer.

If you are unsure about any of the work that our technicians are undertaking then please make sure to ask them as they will be more than happy to help you get complete peace of mind.

Contact Us.

If you are in the market for a septic tank Dorset then please make sure to give us a call for your free no obligation quote. If you simply require information about the topic then you are also welcome to give us a call.

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