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Wessex Water / Southern Water Drainage Responsibility 



Recently, well from October 2011, your local company that is in charge of the disposal of waste water from your property took over the responsibility of the drain lines connected to the main sewers. This has relieved you of the repair of any damage to the drain lines after they leave your boundary.

However it has gone further than that and they are also now responsible for the drain lines up to any shared connections. As you can see from the diagram, the terraced and semi detached properties normally have shared drains and whereas before the clearing of a blockage was a shared expense of the owners it is now covered by the water company.

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As most insurers cover damage to drain lines.  Maybe !!!!! you might get a reduction of your house insurance premium. But don’t hold your breath.

So if you have a problem in the drain lines marked in red call the water company

Otherwise call us on 01202 82 80 81




You can help prevent drains and sewers from being blocked by not pouring fat, oil or grease down the sink. Instead let it cool and pour it into a container before putting it in the bin. Hundreds of people cause blockages in sewers or damage to the environment by putting rubbish down the toilet. To avoid blocked pipes, plumbing bills and damage to the environment, put the following in your bin:

contraceptives                                   disposable nappies                            wet wipes

incontinence pads                             female hygiene products                  plasters

colostomy bags and bandages          cotton buds.

Wrap razor blades carefully in paper and put them in the bin and return medicines to your local pharmacy. Syringes and needles should be returned to a healthcare provider.

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