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The Vortex Treatment  (Schematic diagram )

1. The waste-water from the building enters into the Vibro Screen which show in the diagram as (.1). It is here that  air bubbles are used to  break down solid waste and form a mixed liquid within the water.

2. The  mixed liquid flows in to the Aeration Chamber shown as 2. A bacteria is inside the aeration Chamber which digests the pollutants in the wastewater. The bacteriamust have a constant oxygen supply and this  is provided by a fine bubble diffuser at the base of the tank.

VORTEX FEATURE – The last red air valve on the control module permits the air to be regulated more or less to the diffuser. This enables the plant to be adjusted to work at maximum efficiency if it is underloaded. This is a very valuable feature, e.g. for a 5 bedroomed house (which needs a minimum 7 person plant) with only 2 people resident. This feature is not available on any other plant.

The Sludge Management System (SMS)

  1. In the Clarification Chamber sludge accumulates at the bottom  (1) and top (floating sludge) (1) of the tank.
  2. Air from the blower flows from the regulator (2) into two sludge return pipes (3).
  3. This creates a continuous vacuum that sucks the sludge from the top and bottom of the Clarification Chamber back to the Aeration Chamber.
  4. The mixed liquor then flows into the Clarification Chamber (3) where it is able to separate into clear, treated effluent and sludge. The clear effluent is able to flow past the scum baffle and out of the tank.

Unique Features of the VORTEX: It is very small sized so this enables economic installation in tight spaces.

Top Quality compressor – these compressors are much more expensive than the cheaper diaphragm compressors used by other manufacturers, but they are almost silent, use very little electricity and can be repaired. 10 year tank warranty.

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